The Cranford Arts Plan will have three primary steps, which were established by Jersey Central Arts Studio (JCAS) and the Downtown Management Corporation (DMC) and Leo Vazquez, Rutgers University.

Step one: Create a Vision Plan
The purpose of this phase is to describe a clear, shared direction for arts-based planning and development in Cranford. The Vision Plan will also be a policy document to help integrate the strategies of the various agencies, organizations and stakeholders who would have a significant impact on future arts-based investments in the town. To be effective, the Vision Plan should reflect the views and concerns of representatives from JCAS, Cranford Township, JCAS-DMC Arts Committee, Union County Cultural Arts Division and residents and property owners in the community.

Step Two: Development Strategy
In this phase, we analyze economic conditions that would help us determine how to proceed with arts-based development. This will include:
• Analysis of competitive programs
• Overview of the economic impact to Cranford
• Analysis of potential site requirements

Step Three: Implementation
Depending on the results of the vision plan, market analysis and draft plan, the team will assess the feasibility of at least two sites in the project area for a Cranford Arts Center, or assess opportunities to achieve the identified goals through alternative means. The implementation report will provide a greater level of detail about conditions, opportunities and challenges of implementing the plan. This will also explore various sources of potential funding including corporate sponsorship, state and federal grants, and private foundations.