Chef Ron Spaz is an internationally experienced and accomplished chef, and caterer and innovative coach for cooking lessons. Chef Ron Spaz had the very lucky and very unique experience of working for several talented chefs in New Jersey , New York and in others states around the county. Whether he was a Sous Chef at a monstrously large Hotel or Research Chef for a Flavor company or making pizza as a young Culinarian, Ron always had someone watching over him and guiding his career.

     Growing up in the hospitality business, Chef Ron Spaz is a natural in the kitchen. He further acquired and broadened his knowledge and creative skills working in many positions in the restaurant world

    Later in Chef Ron Spaz's career, he combined his passion for food with the study of food science and now holds a Culinary Arts and Food Science degree.  With his Research and Developed experience working with many large Food Companies you can go to the food store and see some of Chef Ron Spaz culinary creations. Also, Chef Ron Spaz is currently involved with the Research Chef Association, the American Culinary Federation and the Institute of Food Technologists.

The Chef

New addition to JCAS will be a cooking class, THE ART OF COOKING . This two and a half hour workshop will be dedicated to the fundamentals of handling, preparing and cooking poultry. If you're looking to stretch a dollar there is a lot you can do with a chicken turning it into gourmet delights with simple but effective techniques. Chef Ron Spaziani will cover the basics that we may think we know such as an overview of the kitchen, healthy and safe cooking techniques, proper knife use, cleanliness while working, tips for large dinner parties including timing,every cook's nightmare!(just in time for the holidays)

In this first session you will be preparing your own poultry and learn the magic of fabulous stocks that can be utilized in all those wonderful sauces. Learn poultry parts that add flavor to specific dishes and proper carving techniques (students will carve that evening).

Chef Ron will discuss and provide shopping tips for cutting your grocery bill and still creating topnotch meals. He encourages questions and will help you become more creative in your own kitchen. So what do I need for the first class? Your apron, good carving knives if you have them, cutting board and a notebook and pen.

Learn to think like a Chef!